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The good things in life aren’t complicated. Neither is Kombrewcha.

We set out to create a beverage for those seeking balance in life. Between alcohol and organic ingredients. Between taste and a healthy lifestyle. Between a refreshing drink and a revitalizing get-together.

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Ginger Lemon 6-pack

Lemongrass Lime 6-pack

Berry Hibiscus 6-pack

Organic Ingredients. 
Refreshing Carbonation.
Delicious Flavors.
4.4% ABV.

Ginger Lemon

Every sip is complete with that sweet yet warm bite that can only come from real, organic ginger.

Purified Water, Cane Syrup*, Kombucha Culture*, cane Sugar*, Ginger Juice*, Black Tea Infusion*, Lemon Juice Concentrate*, Fair Trade Black Tea*


Lemongrass Lime

Lemon, lime and citrus combine in a subtle complexity for a refreshing and dry finish.

Purified Water, Kombucha Culture*, Cane Sugar*, Lime Juice*, Black Tea Infusion*, Fair Trade Black Tea*, Natural Flavors*, Yeast*


Berry Hibiscus

Simple yet complex. Sweet but tart. Berry & hibiscus play off each other for a dry finish & nuanced flavor.

Purified Water, Cane Sugar*, Kombucha Culture*, Black Tea Infusion*, Blackberry Juice*, Hibiscus Infusion*, Raspberry Juice*, Fair Trade Black Tea*, Yeast*


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